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How to best handle the relationship between doctors and patients

In the modern Chinese context, there has been a heated discussion that the relationship between doctors and patients is becoming increasingly serious. It has attracted extensive attention of the society.

When it comes to the methods of best dealing with the relationship between doctors and patients, opinions on this matter vary with individuals. From my own perspective, I will give three that are the most rational. In the first place, as patients, although suffering from the illness, we still have to trust our doctors. With the heartfelt reliance, the communication would be harmonious and efficient. In addition, since the working hour of a doctor may be exceedingly instable, such as long time operations, even extra work, what they are doing is really tough work. Consequently, if any issues appear, patients, in a considerate way, should manage them. In the meanwhile, being a doctor, one of the most sacred careers in the whole world, please show the utmost patience to your every single patient, who possibly is in trouble which you may not even imagine.

Trust, consideration and patience, were there more people can handle the relationship between doctors and patients with it, there would be less suffering in the world.



How to best handle the relationship between parents and children

It has been a fact that, apparently, coverages related to the conflicts between parents and children are getting increasingly common. In order to make parents’ focus on their work without worrying about their kids, the children concentrate all their energies on the study, and the family in a harmonious atmosphere, how to best handle the relationship between parents and children has already become one of the most heated public concerns.

As an undergraduate, my proposals regarding the measures to boost the relationship are based on the following aspects. Above all, from the perspective of parents, while facing their kids’ issues no matter about life or study, instead of blame, the first and the foremost step they have to try is a patient communication from the view of their children’s friend. Furthermore, as children, while enjoying the comfortable life, we must realize that there are a set of difficulties which our parents are handling every single day. Making our best efforts to deal with the life and study ourselves and trying to reduce the pressure of our parents is the most considerate gift that we can give to them. Family members gathering together have the most powerful magic to confront and solve any problems in life. Either parents or children, more communication, consideration and trust we have, fewer misunderstandings arise.

Handling the relationship between parents and children is never an issue. Were there more people dealing with relationship with a heartfelt attitude, the family would be the resource of our happiness forever.


How to best handle the relationship between teachers and students

Surrounded by fierce competition of education, there are an increasing number of citizens attach value to the topic of the relationship between teachers and students. How to deal with the delicate relationship has sparked widespread controversy.

On the one hand, when it comes to teachers, a serious image will spring up before us, students are afraid of the severe attitude towards them. To mitigate it, teachers are supposed to be more patient and amicable, giving opportunities to the students who commit an error. On the other hand, students also should make some changes. Honoring the teacher and respecting his teaching is the traditional virtue that we ought to inherit. It is the responsibility and obligation to study hard for the students.

We may draw a conclusion that it is high time that we placed great emphasis on our relationship. It is clear that mutual understanding can help us see silver lining even in the coping with some problems. In a word, more trust, more understanding. I assume that a magnificent future is awaiting us if we spare no effort to it.



Mount Hua is located in Huayin, which is 120 kilometers from Xian. Mount Hua is a part of Qinling Mountain, which is not only the boundary of southern and northern Shanxi, but also the division of South China and North China. Unlike Mount Tai which attracted numerous people to worship,Mount Hua was seldom visited in the past, for the roads to its top were quite dangerous. However, people who were longing for the longevity went up the mountain frequently. Because there grew various herbs, especially some rare ones. Since the installation of cable car in the 1990s, the number of tourists has increased sharply.



解析:整体来讲试题难度不大,题干中没有较难的词,理解题干的大意有助于提升解题的准确率和速度 。本篇文章的话题是和大家的学习生活息息相关的 ,谈的是随堂考试和在家里考试。


1. Elderly students find it hard to keep up with the rapid changes in education.

2. Some believe take-home exams may affect students’ performance in other courses.

3. Certain professors believe in-class exams are ultimately more helpful to students.

4. In-class exams are believed to discourage cheating in exams.

5. The author was happy to learn she could do some exams at home.

6. Students who put off their work until the last moment often find the exams more difficult than they actually are.

7. Different students may prefer different types of exams.

8. Most professors agree whether to give an in-class or a take-home exam depends on the type of course being taught.

9. The author dropped out of school forty years ago.

10. Some students think take-home exams will eat up their free time.



A rat or pigeon might not be the obvious choice to tend to someone who is sick, but these creatures have some....skills that could help the treatment of human diseases.


26. K 较好的,上等的,修饰skills

27.D 根据and 前后内容,此处选择 令人讨厌的东西

28 M 指尖,后文有手指。

29 O 视觉的 修饰记忆力,后文也有images.

30 A be associated with 和...相关

31 F rather than 表示阻止,介词后面用doing

32 H敏感的 根据后文意思它们很敏感选择H。

33 I 轻微的,修饰后文的气味。

34 C 根据前文动作,此处是表明,暗示的意思

35 B 检测,检验,根据后文detection method 此处选择检测。



36. 答案 I 根据题干选取关键词 elderly students 和rapid changes  I段出现advanced age  最后一句提到A lot has changed since we were last in school.

37.答案E 题干中关键词为take-home exams和 students’ performance E段谈到take-home exams risk performance

38.答案C 题干中关键词为certain professors 和in-class exams C段一个教授在谈随堂考试的好处 和题干同义

39.答案D 题干中关键词为In-class exams 和cheating 段落开头第一句话出现cheating 全文只有D这一个段落谈了作弊这件事

40.答案B 题干中关键词为author B段作者以第一人称谈及在家考试让自己很开心 原文开心用的是excited 题干中开心用的是happy

41.答案H 题干中关键词为students 和last moment 段落第二行出现了last minute 原文说了是等到最后一刻才去做的人发现更难了 和题干同义

42.答案G 题干中关键词为types of exams 本段里面不同学生谈了自己对于考试类型的偏好 段落开头第一句出现关键词test -form preferences (题干关键词的同义替换)

43.答案F 题干中关键词为 most professors 和type of course 段落开头出现most professors 和subject(type of course)

44.答案A 题干中关键词为数字forty  A段出现关键词four decades(decade这个考点出现过)

45.答案J 题干中关键词为free time  J段第三行出现free time


46. D  In what way it can be beneficial. 以何种方式它会对人有好处。根据关键词puzzle定位原文出题处在第二段what benefit...同义替换选择D。

47. C She got some idea from previous studies...定位在第二段She also knew....This led to...说明她从前人的研究中获得了一些灵感,开始做自己的研究。

48. A She monitored the brain activity of participants...定位在To take a closer look...参与者在不熟悉的环境unfamiliar environment...睡觉...

49. C She exposed her participants to two different stimulus.根据关键词re-run定位在第三段第二句话,有规律和无规律蜂鸣声交杂在一起。

50. B They tend to perceive irregular beeps as a threat.根据题文同序和关键词定位,在文章最后一句。原文提到react to...by stirring people from sleep. 所以选择,人们可以感知无规律的蜂鸣声是一种威胁。


51. D They tend to push themselves beyond the limits... 根据关键词定位在第一段工作负荷过重,责任感过大,不会让女人得到想要的目标

52.A They struggle to satisfy the demands of both work and home.根据关键词定位在第三段第二句,为了平衡家庭和事业,不能说不。

53. A Their unwillingness to say no. 定位在第四段最后一句话,不幸地是...不会拒绝使得女人健康和事业同时受到伤害.

54. C men tend to put their personal interests first.定位在第五段 Men are more likely to face...whereas women...看出男人把个人利益放首位

55. B Their ability to delegate. 根据关键词定位在最后一段,一个好的领导者应该学会授权和管控资源。


1-2  B .Her little brother   C. By selling lemonade and pictures

3-4  C .Providing clean energy to five million people   B. They can be laid right on top of existing highways

5-7  A. Endless fighting in the region       D .To find evidence of the existence of the “Lost lions”       B. Lions’ tracks

8-11 A. Her “lucky birthday”   D. Threw her a surprise party    B. The trip her husband has planned      C. He is eager to learn how the couple’s holiday turns out

12-15 A. They are sensitive to the dynamics of a negotiation    B. They know when to stop      C. They learn quickly   D. Get to know the other side.

16-18 D. How space research benefits people on Earth    B. They developed objects for astronauts to use in outer space      A. They are extremely accurate.

19-21 C. It marked the beginning of something new.     A. They believed in working for goals.     D. Doing needlework by the fire.

22-25 C. Sit down and try to calm yourself.    B. You may expose yourself to unexpected dangers.    D. Walk uphill.    A. Inform somebody of your plan.






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