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A. They admire the courage of space explorers.

B. They enjoyed the movie on space exploration.

C. They were going to watch a wonderful movie.

D. They like doing scientific exploration very much.


A. At a gift shop.

B. At a graduation ceremony.

C. In the office of a travel agency.

D. In a school library.


A. He used to work in the art gallery.

B. He does not have a good memory.

C. He declined a job offer form the art gallery.

D. He is not interested in any part-time jobs.


A. Susan has been invited to give a lecture tomorrow.

B. He will go to the birthday party after the lecture.

C. The woman should have informed him earlier.

D. He will be unable to attend the birthday party.


A. Reward those having made good progress.

B. Set a deadline for the staff to meet.

C. Assign more workers to the project.

D. Encourage the staff to work in small groups.


A. The way to the visitor’s parking.

B. The rate for parking in Lot C.

C. How far away the parking lot is.

D. Where she can leave her car.


A. He regrets missing the classes.

B. He plans to take the fitness classes.

C. He is looking forward to a better life.

D. He has benefited form exercise.


A. How to ?work efficiency.

B. How to select secretaries.

C. The responsibilities of secretaries.

D. The secretaries in the man’s company.

Conversation 1


A. It is more difficult to learn than English.

B. It is used by more people than English.

C. It will be as commonly used as English.

D. It will eventually become a world language.


A. It has words from many languages,

B. Its popularity with the common people.

C. The influence of the British Empire.

D. The effect of the Industrial Revolution,


A. It includes a lot of words form other languages.

B. It has a growing number of newly coined words,

C. It can be easily picked up by overseas travellers.

D. It is the largest among all languages in the world.

Conversation 2


A. To return some goods.

B. To apply for a job.

C. To place an order.

D. To make a complaint.


A. He has become somewhat impatient with the woman.

B. He is not familiar with the  exact details of goods.

C. He has not worked in the sales department for long.

D. He works on a part-time basis for the company.


A. It is not his responsibility.

B. It will be free for large orders.

C. It costs 15 more for express delivery.

D. It depends on a number of factors.


A. Report the information to her superior.

B. Pay a visit to the saleswoman in charge.

C. Ring back when she comes to a decision.

D. Make inquiries with some other companies.

Section B

Passage 1


A. No one knows exactly where they were ??

B. No one knows for sure when they came into being.

C. No one knows for what purpose they were ?

D. No one knows what they will ?????


A. Carry ropes across rivers.

B. Measure the speed of wind.

C. Pass on secret messages.

D. Give warnings of danger.


A. To protect houses against lightning.

B. To test the effects of the lightning rod.

C. To find out the strength of silk for kites.

D. To prove the lightning is electricity.

Passage 2


A. She enjoys teaching languages,

B. She can speak several languages,

C. She was trained to be an interpreter.

D. She was born with a talent for languages.


A. They acquire an immunity to culture shock.

B. They would like to live abroad permanently.

C. They want to learn as many foreign languages as possible.

D. They have an intense interest in cross-cultural interactions.


A. She became an expert in horse racing.

B. She got a chance to visit several European countries.

C. She was able to translate for a German sports judge.

D. She learned to appreciate classical music.


A. Taste the beef and give her comment.

B. Take part in a cooking competition.

C. Teach vocabulary for food in ??

D. Give cooking lessons on ????

Passage 3


A. He had only a third-grade education.

B. He once threatened to kill his teacher.

C. He grew up in a poor single-parent household

D. He often helped his ???


A. Careless.

B. Stupid.

C. Brave.

D. Active.


A. Write two book reports a week.

B. Keep a diary.

C. Help with housework.

D. Watch education??


When you look up at the night sky, what do you see? There are other 26 heavenly bodies out there

besides the moon and stars. One of the most 27 fascinating of these is a comet(彗星).

Comets were formed around the same time the Earth was formed. They are 28 made up of ice and

other frozen liquids and gases. 29 Now and then these “dirty snowballs” begin to orbit the sun, just

as the planets do.

As a comet gets closer to the sun, some gases in it begin to unfreeze. They 30 combined with dust

particles from the comet to form a huge cloud. As the comet gets even nearer to the sun, a solar wind

blows the cloud behind the comet, thus forming its tail. The tail and the 31 generally fuzzy(模糊的)

atmosphere around a comet are 32 characteristics that can help identify this 33 phenomenon in the

night sky.

In any given year, about a dozen known comets come close to the sun in their orbits. The average

person can’t see them all, of course. Usually there is only one or two a year bright enough to be seen

with the 34 naked eye. Comet Hale-Bopp, discovered in 1995, was an unusually bright comet. Its orbit

brought it 35 relatively close to the Earth, within 122 million miles of it. But Hale-Bopp came a long way

on its earthly visit. It won’t be back for another four thousand years or so.


1.BThey enjoyed the movie on space exploration

2.A At a gift shop

3.C. He declined a job offer from the art gallery

4.D. He will be unable to attend the birthday party

5.B Set a deadline for the staff to meet

6.A. They way to the visitor’s parking

7.D He has benefited from exercise

8. D The secretaries in the man’s company



9.B. It is used by more people than English.

10.C.The influence of the British Empire

11.A. It includes a lot of words from other languages


12.C To place an order

13.B. He is not familiar with the exact details of goods

14.D. .It depends on a number of factors

15.C. Ring back when she comes to a decision



16.B No one knows for sure when they came into being

17.A. Carry ropes across river

18.D To prove the lighting is electricity


19.B. She can speak several languages

20.D. They have an intense interest in cross-cultural interactions

21.C. She was able to translate for a German sports judge

22.A. Taste the beef and give her comment


23.C. He grew up in a poor single parent household

24.B. Stupid

25.A. Write two book reports a week


26 heavenly

27 fascinating

28 made up of

29 Now and then

30 combined with

31 generally

32 characteristics

33 phenomenon

34 naked

35 relatively



再做题,例如 11,13,14,21,24。长对话话题为语言和订购东西,虽不比往年考察工作场景,但四级考生应











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